If the user does not agree to these terms, WhatsApp will disappear in 14 days: okezone techno

JAKARTA – The users WhatsApp have to get ready because in two weeks or 14 days, WhatsApp is rumored to be lost. The meaning missing here is that the user will no longer be able to take advantage of the proprietary service Facebook that is if they do not want to press the agree button to the new terms and conditions regarding the privacy policy.

This secret instant messaging application has also started sending alerts as well as notifications that they have updated their terms and privacy policy, and asking millions of users to agree to the new policy.

Users are only given two choices by WhatsApp. Agree or get blocked. It must also be remembered that users are only given a deadline until May 15 from the previous February 8, 2021.

The new privacy policy also resulted in a digital mass exodus, forcing WhatsApp users to switch to alternative, safer instant messaging apps, such as Signal or Telegram.

The commotion finally made WhatsApp postpone for users to accept the new privacy policy, which is May 15. WhatsApp reiterates that private chats with friends and family will remain protected by end-to-end encryption.

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If users wish to use the app after the new policy’s effective date, they must agree to the terms and privacy policy. If not, then the user will not be able to use this application anymore.

The warning states that users who prefer to delete their account rather than accept the new terms can visit the help center for more information.

The Business Insider page on Friday, January 8, 2021, reports that WhatsApp’s updated terms of service and privacy policy include the following updates:

In the ‘Information We Collect’ section, WhatsApp has stated, “Our Service has optional features which, if used by you, require us to collect additional information to provide those features. You will be notified about such collections, if applicable. choose not to provide the information required to use a feature, you will not be able to use that feature “.

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Then regarding the location sharing feature and location permissions, WhatsApp mentions that permissions can be managed by Android and iOS users from the settings.

One of the updated policies also states that WhatsApp will now temporarily store forwarded media on its servers.

“When users forward media in a message, we temporarily store the media in encrypted form on our servers to help more efficient delivery of additional forwarding,” WhatsApp wrote.

WhatsApp also says that it keeps undelivered messages for 30 days, and if the message is still unsent, it will be deleted from its servers.

“If a message cannot be sent immediately, we keep it in encrypted form on our servers for up to 30 days when we try to send it. If the message is still not delivered after 30 days, we delete it,” a WhatsApp statement said.

WhatsApp has also added a new section stating how it works with other Facebook companies and how to share data with them to ‘help operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support and market our Services and their offerings.

WhatsApp will stop identifying contacts who are not using the app As part of its new policy, the app will immediately stop identifying your contacts who are not currently using the app.

“If any of your contacts have not used our Services, we will manage this information for you in a way that ensures that contact is not identifiable by us,” they said.


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