“If we don’t do that, we will soon have total containment”

Wearing the compulsory mask extended and applied from 10 years old, the return of compulsory teleworking for 4 days a week until December 12 and the covid safe ticket imposed for certain events in combination with the mask or a test, these are the three big measures on which the consultation committee is banking from November 20 to contain the progression of Covid-19.

Our representatives had been clear, and they kept their promise. The objective of this consultation committee was to toughen the measures but to avoid closures. We can therefore speak of “light” measures.

But, at the end of the press conference, the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke called the Belgians to “common sense” and to “solidarity”. And in his eyes, the measures announced Wednesday are “the absolute minimum”. This is what he said before adding a little “if we don’t do that, we will soon have total containment” which says a lot about the uncertainty that reigns as to the effectiveness of these measures.


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