If you are experiencing dizziness, beware! May be a sign of serious illness

dizzinessStating that it is a sign of disease, Dr. Attila Kara, “Vertigo is a symptom popularly known as dizziness. The biggest cause of dizziness is the displacement of particles in the inner atrium. Apart from this, many problems related to the brain can also cause dizziness. Dizziness, which is not a disease in itself; Tumors in the brain, MS, vascular occlusions, systemic diseases, internal diseases can also be seen as a sign. Therefore, for the treatment of vertigo, the necessary neurological examination should be performed and the treatment process should be started. said.

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Talking about the symptoms of dizziness, Dr. Dr. Black, “In our patients who applied to us with dizziness; Many symptoms such as ringing in the ear, nausea, vomiting, imbalance can be seen. The problems accompanying vertigo may vary according to the main disease causing this condition. he said. Stating that the treatment of vertigo varies according to the underlying disease, Dr. Dr. Attila Kara, “Particularly, maneuvers in vertigo related to the movement of stones in the ear can sometimes enable the patient to recover without giving medication. Neurological events can be easily treated. Dizziness should never be neglected, as it can also be a sign of very serious causes. he said.



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