If you call your baby “Game Pass”, there is no free subscription from Xbox!

There are things that you don’t really believe, but they also need to be clarified! – It was confirmed during Gamescom 2021 Bethesda and Xbox stream that if you call your baby “Game Pass”, you won’t get a free year for Xbox Game Pass!

Whatever: Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg felt it necessary to announce this. After all, Bethesda made such an action once before after a couple had their child To Dovahk called. By the way, Dovahkiin is pending The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and means something like “Dragonborn”.

Pete Hines, the Bethesda boss, gave a couple a lifetime of free Bethesda games after they named their child Dovahkiin. Now that Bethesda belongs to Microsoft, more precisely to Xbox Game Studios, Greenberg has ruled out such a scenario that it will also be available for children with the name “Game Pass”.

After Hines shared this anecdote, Greenberg intervened: “I ask that no one names their baby ‘Game Pass’.” – Certainly a good headline. But better for the child.

When kids are called like video game characters …

Should parents-to-be and Bethesda fans come up with the idea of ​​naming their child Dovahkiin as well, there is a catch. As Hines said, it only works once. Maybe someone will call their son “Doomguy” and id Software will have mercy.

By the way, it doesn’t seem to work with common names like Mario, otherwise Nintendo would be poor.

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There are certainly nicer names for children that also appear in video games than “Game Pass”.

Those: Gamespot

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