If You Can’t Lose Weight, It Might Be Because of Your “Friends”!

You may think that you always eat the same amount of food. But statistics show that you eat 44% more when you’re with friends than when you’re alone.

seriously affecting public health worldwide. an overall weight gain there is. This situation is also reflected in the research data. For example, in 2014 In this studyIt is mentioned that close to three million people die every year due to problems caused by being overweight.

Many people today want to avoid the negative situations mentioned above. That’s why she takes various steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly and following a balanced diet. However, achieving these goals is not always easy. Although it is possible that this situation may be caused by different reasons such as biological, physiological and genetic, one of them may also be person’s surroundings is thought to be.

Sometimes we just don’t have the environment to eat healthy.


In many studies; It has been found that the environment we live in, that is, our environment, can have an impact on our weight as well as our mental health. How Does? Consider the work environment you are in. consuming healthy food is it possible? Or remember the years you were a student; Is it possible to consume healthy snacks at school, in the school canteen?

Researchers from İnönü University found similar results. Research done; Although it was done within the scope of combating obesity, it is important in terms of understanding how effective the environment is in weight gain. In this research, if childhood obesity is to be reduced, first environmental control may be required. found. The same was observed in studies conducted with adults.

What we eat can whet our appetite.


If a friend exercises regularly and eats healthy foods, it may lead us to emulate him and turn to these activities. These are healthy activities and there are actually no problems here. However, our friends can affect us positively in this way, as well as what they eat and serve us when they are with us. They can also whet our appetite.

In many studies, it has been seen that people who eat together generally prefer the same or similar menus. To avoid being influenced by your friends’ food choices Be the first to order. Otherwise, when you are with your friends who do not gain weight even though they eat a lot, thanks to their fast metabolism, the amount of food you eat may increase, and the menus may become calorie and unhealthy.

The longer we sit at the table also has an effect.


We mentioned that when you are with your friends, the amount of food you eat increases and the portions get bigger. in researchThe more people we eat with, the more we eat alone. up to more than 90 percent We were found to be able to eat.

Many workers do this at the beginning of the meal. by waiting longer although there is no clear information. Because the same researchers have also investigated situations where the duration is longer if the person eats alone. For example, we don’t understand how time passes while we are reading or watching something, right? However, the amount of food eaten in these cases did not increase in an interesting way. Whatever the reason, one thing they have in common is that we eat more when we eat with someone.


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