If you feel these 6 complaints in your body, said Dr. Saddam Ismail, it could be that your cholesterol levels are moderately high

PRFMNEWS – The body will feel some complaint by the hour cholesterol on someone being tall.

Complaints that the body feels when cholesterol Height is quite diverse, ranging from fatigue to feeling the hands and feet easily tingling.

High cholesterol that is left unchecked can cause several dangerous diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, to blockage of blood vessels.

That is why you need to know what it is complaint on the body when a person is experiencing cholesterol high, so that it can be treated immediately. Here are 6 signs as quoted from the YouTube channel Saddam Ismail:

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1. Hands and Feet Easily Tingling

Complaints that the body feels when cholesterol being high, one of which is that the hands and feet are easy to tingle and even cause pain, tingling, numbness, or discomfort when moving or walking.

2. Easily Tired

If cholesterol levels are high, one of the characteristics is that the body gets tired easily, this is because the body lacks blood and oxygen supply which makes the body easily tired when doing activities.

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