If you find these postal books, you will become filthy rich: here are which ones

The postal booklet has managed to “survive” the technological progress that for years has led to increasingly refined tools to be disseminated, such as current accounts, prepaid cards and various forms of bank transfer, which today represent some of the forms of savings most popular. It is no coincidence that the postal passbook continues to be widely used, and not only because it is connected to the postal service: the postal passbooks can boast two peculiarities that have contributed significantly to their success, namely the ability to be perceived as easy. to be used and the costs practically zero.

If you find these postal books, you will become filthy rich: here are which ones

In fact, opening, managing and possibly closing a postal passbook does not cost anything and owning one does not present any particular obligations, on the contrary it constitutes an “easy” form of online savings. To date, there are two forms of postal booklet for adults, that one Ordinary and the variant Smart which makes use of the passbook paper and the app Banco Posta for the management of your savings, allowing a use similar to that of a banking app. However, even the postal books have the dynamics of the “expiry”, like a current account: substantially if they are not used in any way for 10 years and if the balance is equal to or greater than 100 eurothe booklet passes to the state sleepy, a sort of technical “stand by” that anticipates the closure of the same. This can be avoided simply by using the passbook, moving it or, for example, receiving a payment, but if it does not take place by a specific date, highlighted by a prior communication made by Poste Italiane.

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If the movement does not take place within the pre-established limit (the one linked to 2022 has expired a few days ago), the passbooks are closed and the funds moved to a CONSAP fund, from which it is still possible to obtain the money again, through a specific request. The dormant booklets can still be found at this address.

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