If you find these rare coins at home you can celebrate: they are worth a fortune

You may not know it, but a real treasure may be hiding in your home: we are talking about some rare coins that can be worth a fortune. Let’s find out which ones.

Monete (Pixabay photo)

We advise you to rummage quickly in your cellars, because they may contain small treasures: we are talking about some rare coins, difficult to find but not impossible, and which today are considered true pieces of art by numismatists and can also be quoted very well.

Numismatics is the scientific study of money and its history, and examines its artistic and economic value. Reason why it is often its state of conservation and commercial value that “decide” how much an old coin is worth.

We all have certainly kept a few handfuls of the at home expensive and old lire, if only for an emotional and nostalgic value. But be careful, because the “nostalgia” could also make you earn a lot. In fact, let’s find out which coins are most appreciated by collectors and which consequently may be worth more.

The most sought after coins on the market: here are the ones that are worth gold

Well, the most important pieces are some Italian lire, such as the 5 lire of 1954, but also the many bistratti euro: in particular the 2 euro commemorative, minted by various state mints. The “queen” 2 euro coin, in every sense, is the one called “Grace Kelly”, issued by the Principality of Monaco and depicting the face of the famous and unfortunate actress and princess.

Monete (Pixabay photo)

Other real treasures are the old 500 silver lire with the caravels against the wind, or the lira “Orange” of 1947, with the old commercial value of one lira but which today, by reselling it, can bring you up to 1500 euros. Also appreciate the 5 lire called “Grapes” of 1946, the value of which can easily exceed 1200 euros.

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Regarding i 2 euro commemorative, watch out for those too issued by the Vatican City in 2005, on the occasion of the XX World Youth Day, which can be quoted up to 250 euros. In short, rummaging around the house is worthwhile: you may not know it, but you could have real luck in your hands!

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