If you have money, know how to use it … Gold or investment certificates … Video

Many investors ask, which is better: investing in gold, currencies, testimonials, or real estate, and in order to answer this question, it must first be pointed out that gold is the best way to save money that is surplus to need, or that an individual saves for difficult time and days, and even that Better than real estate, and the reason: Gold is light in weight and easy to transport, so if you are saving your money in a land or apartment, you will not be able to move it to another country, while gold is easy to transport, for example.

The “Aswaq” program presented by Islam Saeed on the Seventh Day TV discussed gold as a safe haven, meaning that the demand for it is demanded in the event of global instability. Gold is a limited material in the world, and with the increase in human numbers, the demand for it increases, and consequently its prices will continue to rise, and it is possible to split gold at Selling it is like selling 100 grams or more or less, while the property can only sell the whole apartment and not a room

It is true that gold can be subjected to decline and rise in the stock market, and consequently you may win or lose from it, but if you have the experience to know buying gold when it falls, follow up on experts and economic news and choose a good place to buy, as well as knowing when to sell when there are signs of a decline, for example in the example: These days, Corona’s fears are considered an opportunity to buy gold, as investors flee towards it.

As for investing in currencies, specifically the dollar, although it is the most powerful currency in the world, it remains only paper, but due to its strength that stems from being the currency of the United States, the largest country in the world economically and militarily, it is good for saving, but when compared with gold Or real estate, you should not choose the dollar, because it remains just a currency that may suffer major downturns

As for investment certificates, although they have a safe and stable annual return, they deny their owner the possibility of achieving a higher profit in the event of an increase in the price of the dollar, which has registered an increase of about 30% since the beginning of 2020, and also does not protect their owners from the decline in the value of the currency in the event of the economic turmoil that has occurred. It can affect the purchasing value of the currency.


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