if you have these habits, the tax authorities are already checking you

If you have these habits at the ATM, the Inland Revenue is already checking you, new rules.

Il cash and the ATM they are the real enemies of the government. The Draghi government has made it clear from the outset that it wants to fight a real fight against cash and against tax evasion.


Allow Italians a Too easy access to cash means encouraging tax evasion.

Pay attention to how you use the ATM

We think of the doctor who wants to evade the tax authorities. He just needs to get paid in cash and that transaction will never be traceable to anyone.


It is therefore clear that the tax authorities aim at a strong control over cash and the ATM inevitably ends up in the viewfinder. By checking the ATM, the taxman can understand very clearly and clearly what Italians do and how they spend their money. In the past, the taxman had considerable difficulty in checking current accounts but also the ATM of the Italians. Now, however, doing this check is very simple for two reasons. First of all, there is the super registry of current accounts which allows the tax authorities to carefully monitor all current accounts of Italians.

Things to avoid

And secondly, there are artificial intelligence that can take all this huge amount of data and process them. Therefore also habits absolutely trivial at the ATM they become a real alarm bell for the taxman. Let’s see what they are and what to avoid. Tax evaders and money launderers they use the ATM in a very refined way. For example, those who want to transfer money to another person in an absolutely invisible way will have a good time giving them their ATM card in such a way that it seems that he is the one to withdraw while the money goes to another person.

When it looks suspicious

But the tricks to bluff thanks to the ATM they are innumerable. But here artificial intelligence comes into play. When artificial intelligence discovers withdrawals that are too frequent or withdrawals that follow a strange pattern and anomalous or on the contrary too low withdrawals here that this may seem a scheme designed to conceal evasion or money laundering and controls will start immediately. The risk for honest citizens who are used to using the ATM in a somewhat messy way is that of appearing suspicious and therefore of attracting tax inspections completely for no reason.

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