If you like this hit, you are more likely to be a psychopath: Music could secretly reveal them in society

What can the music we listen to reveal about us? According to the research we are talking about, it could be the key to identifying psychopaths. And the biggest success among these people was, for example, a well-known and catchy song by Eminem, he reports Unilad.

The aforementioned research was conducted by a team at New York University. 200 people filled out the questionnaire and its results showed the authors the level of their psychopathy.

What exactly is psychopathy?

Psychopathy is a disorder characterized by a lack of empathy, emotional reactions or manipulativeness, explains Unilad. With reference to study describes psychopathy as a disorder that leads to, for example, criminal behavior. And it is precisely with him that many associate him thanks to the films and series where it is portrayed in this way.

Which songs did people with the highest psychopathy scores like?

After the questionnaire, the research participants were given the task of listening to 260 songs and rating them. This produced interesting results.

It turns out that those with the highest psychopathic scores were also the biggest fans of the song No Diggity from a musical group BLACKstreet. She was also popular Lose Yourself from Eminemhe writes The Guardian. In both cases, these are huge and catchy hits, which in most cases you have already caught somewhere or know them well.

In addition to the aforementioned, they also liked a song What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber, reports Unilad.

He wanted to create a tool to identify psychopaths

According to the head of the research Pascal Wallisch for example, music could be a tool that can identify psychopaths, he confided to The Guardian. The reason is mainly that psychopaths are not recognizable at first glance, as many thrillers or horror films portray it.

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His idea was to create a group of songs that could be used to identify potential psychopaths in society.

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