If you liked “Dahmer”, this Netflix series is going to be your favorite for the weekend

Waco was a sect based in Texas that posed a real danger to the integrity of all those who belonged to it.

Dahmer was a real revolution for the streaming platform

Netflix hit a total and utter blowout with Dahmer, the series about the life of the man known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal”. Thus, she has become the queen of psychopathic series on Netflix and has been successfully imitated by other platforms that also have crime series such as HBO. Now, come a docuseries that will be destined to succeed due to the interesting approach that it prepares. It is “Waco: The Texas Apocalypse”, about one of the most dangerous and belligerent sects in history.

Waco: The Texas Apocalypse, the docuseries destined to conquer this weekend

Between the 1960s and the 1990s, the cults and serial killers proliferated in an unprecedented way in the United States. In this time frame, these types of organizations and criminals emerge in a much more notable way than in others. That does not mean that they do not exist today, but it is true that they had a huge boom in the past.

One of the most dangerous sects of this time was that of the “Branch Davidians”, a religious group founded in 1929 and which had a great effervescence in the 1980s and 1990s. During this period, Vernon Howell rose to power, who he was renamed David Koresh after the Biblical King David. The excesses and crimes were enormous on the part of KoreshIn fact, he turned the headquarters of the sect, in Waco, into a veritable arsenal with hundreds of weapons, bombs and other types of tools that were used to wage war. On the other hand, Koresh he married several 12-year-old girls with whom he had relationships.

United States authorities, including the FBI, ATF, and Texas Rangers, raided the center, but the Texas Rangers fought back. Then a major battle ensued. in which almost a hundred people died, including several dozen children. It was a real massacre and this event has been recorded in the mind of the United States.

Thus, we are facing a harsh, stark story in which the excesses of the sect leaders led to everything ending in a authentic massacre of faithful. The Netflix Documentary is fully serialized so that we can enjoy a dose of fiction within the events that they really happened. Also has first hand testimonials both from the agents who carried out the raid and from ancient Davidians.

In this way, it is a incredibly interesting series for lovers of cults, serial killers and all that complex and dark atmosphere that was woven between both figures throughout the last decades of the 20th century. In addition, it provides a very interesting view of how the united states works and the great number of religions that populate the different parts of the country.

You are going to enjoy this series yes:

  • You like serialized documentaries.
  • You like the theme of cults and serial killers.
  • You enjoy short series that have a conclusion soon.
  • You like the rural American world.

The series has been available on Netflix since last Wednesday, March 22, and will surely become one of the biggest hits for the weekend.

Watch “Waco: The Texas Apocalypse” on Netflix

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