A good number of owners of Blu-ray players Samsung have reported this weekend, all kinds of serious problems of use. And there seems to be a common denominator, except that the devices have Wifi connection and connect to servers Samsung.

The problems vary depending on the model, but are common to several of them. The misbehavior most common reported is that the players are restarted every few seconds causing a loop that will not stop until the device is turned off.

Other users have reported strange noises, such as those which occur when players attempt to read the optical media, even when the slot is empty. In almost all cases, the keystrokes of the buttons and the remote controls fail to issue any commands to the player.

What happens to the Blu-ray Samsung?

The root of the problem is not clear, because Samsung has not issued a formal statement. Some users have speculated that it is a firmware update failedbut it is unusual. Companies like Samsung usually do not send firmware updates to a large number of devices, different models and all at the same time on a Friday afternoon when you reduce the support staff by the end of the week.

An explanation more realistic is that the problems are being caused by a SSL certificate expired that the Blu-ray disc players from Samsung were using to connect securely to the servers of Samsung over HTTPS and your Wifi connection.

Expired certificates are often the cause of major bugs both in hardware and services and applicationsand we know of a great number of problems that have affected companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Roku, Ericsson, Mozilla and a very long etc

We recall that Samsung was the first manufacturer in launches Blu-ray players, although the trend of precipitous drop in optical discs for distribution of multimedia content, especially in the format of Sony, he was forced to exit some markets.

Beyond the curious case of that a good deal of devices to stop working from one day to another and the inconvenience to users who suffer it, it must be a simple problem to solve for Samsung. The problems affect a large number of devices, of different series, some of which are at the end of their useful life, but still have support. We await an official explanation and solutions. Because we will tell you.

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