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iFixit disassembles the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and the best thing is that you take care of it

The new Galaxy Z Fold2 improves in all sections, also in repairability according to iFixit, which has also shown us all the design secrets of the new Samsung folding.

That he Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has improved the present is no secret, in fact it is that the second of the Galaxy Folds has questioned whether the first made sense just by doing a comparison at first sight.

We are not making it up, because reviewers most reputed in the kingdom are approving the third Korean folding in its analyzes, and we ourselves were also able to verify it in our first impressions with the Galaxy Z Fold2, the improvement is more than evident.

iFixit reaches into the Galaxy Z Fold2 and shows us all its secrets

It was not complicated, because as the boys of iFixit the truth is the first Galaxy Fold was a bit of a mess, with an excessively fragile flexible OLED panel and a very complex hinge that hinted at an ambitious plan but perhaps too soon executed.

Be that as it may, from iFixit they have rushed to sink your teeth into the new Z Fold2 too confirming that “All new products face challenges and this one perhaps more than most”, and showing us how Samsung has approached a review that has practically restarted the family Galaxy Fold with a round-the-table design that also improves repairability.

The colleagues of iFixit have opened the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 confirming what we all feared, the new folding of the South Koreans has been completely redesigned practically restarting the Fold family and even improving its repairability

Samsung has improved with its Galaxy Z Fold2, but it is still a very complicated terminal to fix

That said, we are not going to be more papist than the Pope and although certainly the Galaxy Z Fold2 is a more robust, complete and convincing product, touch highlight, at least after seeing the teardown of iFixit, which certainly remains a fragile mobile, not intended for all audiences and very complicated to repair before breakdowns.

And yes, it has improved a point from the original Galaxy Fold -which reaped a 2 out of 10 in iFixit- but stays at 3/10 due to the complexity of its mechanisms multiplied by two, so if you buy one for the astronomical price it costs, you better take care of it like gold on cloth.

As always, in addition, iFixit reveals some of the Samsung design tips and secrets, which this time has opted again for a larger heating pad to try to better dissipate the heat of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, which in this type of folding smartphones complicates its cooling.

Galaxy Z Fold2, bisagra

A much simpler, more robust hinge with greater functionality

Not only that, and it is also the South Korean giant has simplified the design of a hinge that goes from three to two pieces with fewer elements and much more functionality, being now simpler and more robust and allowing different positions of use of the device.

The flex panel is also of higher quality, eliminating the plastic polymer from the Galaxy Fold in favor of the new Ultra Thin Glass that can be folded, and that it is attached to a plastic layer that gives it durability and that also now allows the placement of external protectors like the one that is already installed at the factory.

Improving in all sections, the truth is that the Galaxy Z Fold2 now allows access to its interior simply by taking off the external screen and the rear glass, although the new bezel protects better and it is more difficult to remove

This panel also highlights the back reinforcement and a much more robust fold with small supports that you can see in the video in detail, in addition to a more complicated bezel to remove, better integrated and that increases the protection of the folding screen with bumpers rubber.

The interior design now allows batteries have more space and therefore offer more capacity, while triple camera module increases in size maintaining the quality of the Samsung Galaxy Note20, not the Ultra model.

Now you already know how to disassemble a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, although a terminal like this is very far from allowing us to repair it from home, not even the most handyman with electronics … If you have one, we recommend that you follow Samsung’s advice and take care of it a little more than any other smartphone!

More information | iFixit

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