iFixit teardown Google Pixel 3a: modular and well "repairable"


The iFixit repair professionals have created the recently introduced line of the Google Pixel 3 series. In a teardown, they have looked, among other things, at the nearest Google Pixel 3a and praise the affordable Pixel smartphone for its modularity.

While the dismantling actions of iFixit mainly concern the achievement of the latest technology, you are always checking how the devices can be repaired in case of damage. In recent years, there has been a trend that smartphones are often too complex in construction to allow for easy replacement of defective parts. Fortunately, Google Pixel 3a is different. Google sets Google Pixel 3a accordingly, albeit with known technology, but builds the device in a more modular way than its predecessors and other smartphones of the new Google Pixel 3 series.

According to iFixit, in particular the relatively good replaceable battery and the general modular design make the repair well feasible. It also saves on glue, uses only standard screws and, otherwise, does not block the way to open the device.
Google Pixel 3aiFixit has cleverly dismantled the new Pixel 3a. Photo: iFixit
Care must be taken only because many long cables are used which could be damaged once they are disassembled and assembled. So forgive six points out of ten possible. Therefore, Google Pixel 3a is currently the latest Android smartphone with top models.

Positive repair score

The Pixels 3 and 3 XL, however, only get four points out of ten.

In addition to this positive repair score, iFixit has obviously also evaluated the rest of the technique. Emphasize that affordable Pixel 3a devices from LG use Samsung's OLED panels, not LG. According to iFixit, LG panels have had more frequent problems with smartphones with pixels in the past.

Furthermore, the 11.55 Wh battery of the 3rd actually exceeds the 11.2 Wh battery of the Pixel 3 series. It is just below the performance of the iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10e with 11.16 Wh or 11.94 Wh.

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Smartphone, Google, Ifixit, Teardown, Pixel, Google Pixel 3a
Smartphone, Google, Ifixit, Teardown, Pixel, Google Pixel 3a

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