Igea says expressions about Eolic Commission should be legally questioned

Valladolid, Jul 30 (EFE) .- The vice president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, declared this Thursday about certain statements made by the PSOE, regarding the Wind Investigation Commission that is held today, that some matters “should be questioned from a legal point of view. “

“There is no one prosecuted for the things that were said yesterday”, has argued the also spokesman of the Board, after the representative of the PSOE in the Investigation Commission Ana Sánchez stated that the president of the Board is “indicted” for alleged illegal financing of his party, which causes that “he is not morally legitimized to continue being president of the Board.”

“Some are taking politics to a degree of overacting that is part of Don Mendo’s Revenge”, “but with bad taste”, criticized Igea.

He has argued that the PSOE, during the last legislature, requested two hundred appearances in this Commission of the autonomous Parliament and none of them corresponded to the president of the regional Executive.

“I do not know what has changed from one legislature to another,” stressed the also spokesman for the Board.

“Surprising things were said yesterday and someone is lucky that I am not the president, because he brushed against things that should be questioned from the legal point of view,” he said.

“There is no one prosecuted for the things that were said yesterday,” Igea has settled.

The vice-president of the Board has made these statements when asked at a press conference after the Governing Council about issues related to the Wind Investigation Commission, in which the president of the regional Executive, Alfonso Fernández Maueco, appears this afternoon in the regional Courts. EFE

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