Iglesias calls Vox party of cheeks, which protects vultures and millionaires

Madrid, May 13 (EFE) .- The second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, has assured this Wednesday, from the platform of Congress, that Vox is a “cheeky” and “anti-democratic” party, representing the interests of “vultures, of the billionaires who don’t want to pay taxes and the enemies of Spain “.

Iglesias, who has thus responded to an interpellation by Vox about whether the vice president intends to use the crisis to weaken democracy, has attacked the party of Santiago Abascal, of which he has said “it is not a Spanish party but represents the interests of the that they have no homeland other than their money, “at a time when United We can propose the ‘COVID rate’ to assets of more than one million euros.

Given the criticism of the deputy of Vox María Ruiz, who has accused the Executive of distributing morphine to kill the elderly in residences, the vice president has assured that the Government is facing the crisis defending the general interest “contrary to what was done in 2008 “, and reaching out to the opposition.

In addition, he asserted that the coalition government is defending public health, protecting workers, tenants and families who cannot allow a supply cut. And, ultimately, “protecting people who need a minimum living income.”

And as the foundation of democracy, the second vice president has alluded to article 128 of the Constitution, which prioritizes the general interest over individuals. An article, he said, that “you cannot bear to be quoted by members of the Government.”

Iglesias has reproached Vox for having voted against the prohibition of evictions without a housing alternative, of mortgage moratoriums, of rent payments and has accused them of being on the side of speculators.

“You are not a Spanish party, you are a party of false architects and cheeks, who sign irregular projects to enrich themselves with real estate speculation,” he said in reference to the leader of Vox Rocío Monasterio.

“You are against democracy and the Spanish Constitution”, the vice president has repeatedly said, in his appearance where he insisted that those of Abascal represent the opposite of all the social consensuses that allowed to negotiate a Constitution, “incomplete and improvable “.

For her part, the Vox deputy has questioned that a “declared communist” goes to Congress to talk about democracy and has lamented the prejudices that Iglesias has before his formation.

In addition, Ruiz has reminded Iglesias that he has reached the vice presidency not with the votes of the Spanish but thanks to the fact that he has taken advantage of “the lust for power” of President Sánchez.

“We have much more support than you and more authority to go up to this rostrum,” said the Vox deputy, who has demanded that the vice president “do his job well”, give answers and do not hold political rallies because “this is not the Complutense is the Congress “.

Regarding the comment regarding communism, Iglesias has responded to the deputy that the secretary general of the PCE (Enrique Santiago) sits on a seat in Congress. “A party,” he said, “without which there would be no Constitution, no democratic elections, and the dictatorship would not have been defeated.”

And he has said he understands that Vox is upset that communism is in the “DNA of the Constitution and democracy.”

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