Ignacio López Tarso celebrates his 97th birthday and reveals what his wish is for the 100

Ignacio López Tarso remained active in the pandemic with functions of works online. Photo: Getty Images

On his 97th birthday, Ignacio López Tarso shared what is the wish you have for when celebrate your 100 years. The first actor born in Mexico City and one of the stars with a great career in Mexico who are still active, told how he plans to celebrate when I reach the century of life.

Ignacio Lopez Tarso is the main character from Mexican horror movie “Macario” and from his extensive career in the cinema, his works with great legends of the national industry stand out, such as the actresses Maria Felix, Dolores Del Rio, Marga Lopez and Katy Jurado; filmmakers like Emilio, the “Indian” Fernández, Roberto Gavaldón and Luis Buñuel, and the cinematographer, Gabriel Figueroa.

On his 97th birthday, Ignacio López Tarso reveals how he wants to celebrate when he turns 100

Ignacio Lopez Tarso has also pointed out that he wants the public to always remember him and this time, at the celebration of his 97th birthday, he revealed what plans he has for the great celebrating its 100 years.

The first actor told the “Hoy” program that this 2022 birthday will be spent with his closest relatives in an intimate meeting because he is aware that we still have to take care of ourselves due to the pandemic.

In the interview with the drivers Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, López Tarso made a request to them and, between jokes and laughter, told them to go ahead for him so that he can stay in good health and turn 100.

“Intervene before the mere, mere, to you who listen to you, you ask for something and nobody denies it, you ask that I reach 100, at least, right? (I want) To do a great play, a Shakespeare, to do a Greek play, to do a classic Spanish play from the 16th century. That’s what I hope for 100 years, to return to the theater with a play and with the theater full, I’ll wait for you two in that performance “

Ignacio Lopez Tarso

Regarding the celebration of his birthday, this Saturday, January 15, López Tarso shared that he will have “a very pleasant meal, with my three children, about 8 grandchildren and about 12.15 great-grandchildren, all small.”

In the final stretch of his 90 years, Don Ignacio has expressed on several occasions that want to continue working and that they call him for projects in theater and TV. He has maintained that for him work is life and he demonstrated it in these days of pandemic by renewing himself and doing online presentations of worksshe.

It was with his son Ignacio that he debuted with works on stage in streaming. He presented “El canto del cisne”, dramatized the play “Fray Servando Teresa de Mier: Confessions of a Guadalupano Federalista” and surprised with a new version of “Macario” in this format.

At the end of the online functions, López Tarso interacted with the public through conferences.

The trajectory of Ignacio López Tarso

Ignacio López Tarso is a Mexican stage, film and television actor that was part of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

In the theater he was an essential actor, in the 1950s, in the works of playwrights Emilio Carballido, Luisa Josefina Hernández and Sergio Magaña.

He has participated in more than 50 films in his 70 years of historyto, among them:

  • “Nazarin”
  • “Juana Gallo”
  • “Macario”
  • “The golden rooster”
  • “The useless life of Pito Pérez”

In telenovelas, her face is remembered for: “Esmeralda”, “A few fleas” and “Tomorrow is forever”.

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