Ilham Al-Fadala makes a stir with a rare video, and the audience links it to her marriage crisis

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The Kuwaiti actress created Important Fadalah An uproar on social media with a rare video of her in program they found In 2002, however, the change in the features of the famous star not only surprised the audience, but many of her followers linked her singing with her current marriage crisis, considering that the song she performed embodies her current situation.

and appeared Important Fadalah With features completely changed from what she is now, and when the presenter of the Sadouh program asked her to sing, she performed a song among her words, “All people gloated over me”, which the audience linked to her current crisis after announcing her marriage to Shehab Gohar.

Ilham Alfadala 19 years ago

As soon as the video clip was circulated, the comments that expressed the astonishment of her followers about the change in the features of Ilham Al-Fadala, and another spoke about the crisis of her marriage and linked the lyrics of the song to her, and what ignited the comments is that the video came days after circulating a picture of Ilham Al-Fadala before and after, after circulating a picture of the famous star Before and after plastic surgery.

In the first picture, it appeared Important Fadalah With thin lips, a double chin, and a face much more voluminous than it is now, as it appeared with a round face rather than a rectangle, and the nose was more wide before it appeared in its last appearances with a thin, pointed nose, which surprised the followers with the apparent transformation of its features. To renew the talk about her features after her appearance in the video clip that ignited social media platforms.

Ilham Al-Fadala sings

The performance of Ilham Al-Fadala surprised the followers, as it is the first time for the Kuwaiti artist to appear on the television screen while she sings, and as soon as the video clip was circulated, the comments that expressed the astonishment of her followers from her voice, and some also linked the lyrics of the song with the crisis of Ilham Al-Fadala’s marriage, and came in the comments: “The problem is not the voice, wise ones, the lyrics of the song express it now.”

Some renewed their defense of Ilham Al-Fadala, in comments, including: “The war against her is as if she married the sultan of his time. I do not see that she took one oath that answers the affliction and the disease. On the contrary, her first husband does not come with his sleeve. Without explaining the reason, but it is clear that he means because of divorce, but these heavenly women did not believe they had a funeral and were filled with strife…. It is a good possibility that it will not take long with him. Leave her alone. I really hate the envious, the vengeful. The enemy of a woman is the woman.

What caused a huge commotion on social media platforms, after the rare video clip of Ilham Al-Fadala was published from a program they took after more than 19 years of its presentation, is that it came days after the announcement of the marriage of Ilham Al-Fadala andShehab Johar Which ignited social media platforms, so that the Kuwaiti artist was subjected to a harsh attack from her followers, who accused her of causing the destruction of the house of Jawhar and his wife, which was denied by Jawhar and Al-Fadala, stressing that their marriage came after Jawhar’s separation and that they did not make this decision until after ending his relationship with his first wife.

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