Iliad, fiber at the beginning of 2021. Mediaset in Fibercop?

But what summer. We will see everything much sooner. Thomas Reynaud in a French television program returned to the theme of launch of the fiber. A few hours ago we brought you back a general account of the September 3 conference, an appointment in which the managers had talked about “by summer 2021” as the launch period for Iliad Fibra.

Do you want to know everything about Iliad mobile and the launch of Iliad fiber first? Subscribe to our Telegram Channel now. a few minutes ago he instead reported the words of the CEO of Iliad, Thomas reynaud that in an in-depth show on French television spoke clearly of a passage beyond the Alps of the Freebox already in January 2021. So excellent news that as always we report to you with maximum speed. Iliad Fibra, at this point, should arrive within about three months.

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The Freeboxes for the uninitiated are the objects hi-tech that Iliad distributes to spread its own fiber to homes in France, where the company operates with the brand Free. They are used to bring the ultra-broadband signal into homes – which will be offered here on the Open Fiber network – but also to distribute video content, acting as an aggregator of apps like Netflix (a bit like TimVision and Vodafone Tv do here).

And speaking of video content, in the evening the news arrived that Mediaset would also be interested in joining the Fibercop single national network. Politics, as always when Mediaset is involved, is already in turmoil over the statements of the Biscione Group.

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