“I’ll get married next year” Diario Expreso

Doubly happy. Maricarmen Marín was happy with her marriage plans and announced that her wedding will take place in 2022. Not only that, the host hopes that Agua Marina will be present on that special day. The most surprising thing was when the singer revealed that the wedding engagement with producer Sebastián Martins has been going on for 7 years, since they were together on a trip abroad.

“I gave him a trip and there he surprised me, we went to Las Vegas”commented Maricarmen, who is very discreet with her personal issues, but this time she remembered the romantic moment.

“It was a day when we went to see concerts and my boyfriend told me ‘I have something to tell you, I think you have forgotten something in the drawer’, so I said: ‘no, I have not forgotten anything, I have everything’. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, never in my life did I imagine being in a situation like this “added.

It is worth remembering that last July, Maricarmen Marín announced her pregnancy through her social networks. “I want to share with you the best news of my life; inside me two hearts beat. A beautiful love in my perfect time ”, wrote Maricarmen at the time.

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