I’ll show you what’s being punished, the disqualified footballer told the referee. And the opponent broke his nose

The match of the ninth Austrian league between FC Viktoria 62 Bregenz and Gofis Satteins 1b was coming to an end when Raschida Arsanukaev came to the flash. The Russian player, Viktorie, who lost 1: 3, saw a second yellow card in the 87th minute for trying to hit his opponent’s head. Arsanukaev disagreed with the exclusion and began to protest. When he did not go to the referee, he turned insane. “I’ll show you what’s being punished,” he said angrily to the judge before coming to his opponent and breaking his head with his head.

He was given a distance of 48 matches for his brutal behavior and the club fired him. “Viktoria wants integration, but of course we can’t tolerate such incidents,” Christian Gojo told Kronen Zeitung. “We have expelled Arsanukaev from our club.”

Arsanukaev will not be able to play again until the autumn of 2023. If he ever returns to football. “We have informed the surrounding associations about the suspension of Arsanukaev’s activities. We want to prevent him, as a newly registered player, from going around the stop and playing again somewhere, “said Horst Elsner, CEO of the Vorarlberg Football Association.

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The attacked football player had to have surgery with a broken nose. The police are investigating the incident and the Russian is probably waiting for a court in addition to a long break.

A similar incident took place in the Czech Republic last year. Chuderov football player in Ústí nad Labem Petr Čítek attacked the referee after a red card and sent a two-year penalty and a fine of 15,000 crowns for a blow to the head.

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