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One of the very first figures in the "yellow jackets" movement, Ingrid Levavasseur, has renounced participation as an occasional reporter for a normal BFMTV show for which she was asked. The injunctions and intimidation of a multitude of other participants in the movement quickly dissuaded her. Before Christmas, she had already been seen to protest for her good faith, the purity of her intentions, against all those who, seeing her answer to the tense microphones, reproached her for having been filled with pastries, also to profit financially from her situation. On his Facebook page, he swore he would not cash a single support check, he hammered that it was a genuine "yellow jacket" and ended up bitterly asking if he still had the right to receive his nurse's pay of help.

Occupants of roundabouts are all but ready for any coordination. The heads that go beyond their ranks are a threat to be eliminated. Although here or there a beginning of political movement seeks to be enacted, inaction is the word of order, and to protest a goal in itself. Anything that could lead to negotiations would mean the end of this type of party to which, without the junctures, no one would pay attention, and the return to the darkness in which the participants are conveniently forgotten by power.

For all my life, I have seen our country fight for its population to be one. The fight against discrimination has always been at the center of the obsession. In a secular country, asylum-like land, insensitive to social classes, it seemed obvious. However, the particularisms (origins, religion, sexual practices …) are imposed, gaining a disconcerting place in the debates and even invading the houses where, this is just an example, the food needs of the guests (gluten-free for one, no animal protein for the other, products of French origin for the third …) relegate to the radius of antiquity the basic courtesy synthesized up to then from the sentence: "Eat what has been given to you."

In this evolution, cruel disillusionment, a feeling of discrimination surreptitiously emerged among those who thought they were more like them. Suddenly, the proof of a ditch, an abyss, was imposed among the inhabitants of the big cities, having near them all the services of the state, and the others … Gouffre that doubles of another, among those who live at ease and those who tighten their visions … The first signs of awareness appeared with the new speed limit at 80 km / h instead of 90 on the secondary road network. This measure was unbearable for those who, as main users, should be the first beneficiaries! The lives saved would be the first, like the injuries and handicaps avoided; lower fuel costs would be primarily to their advantage.

The irrational force with which the refusal was manifested, by the municipal mayors who announced that they would not proceed with the changes in the panel, was the unidentified sign of an unbearable breach. The refusal of the fuel tax was only a repetition. From that moment on, nothing was going well, and a recrimination with another, the popularity of the revolt that gave him wings, the concessions obtained in a chaotic way reinforced the feeling of being misunderstood. When they arrived, the complaint was already three strophes away.

On the citizens' initiative referendum, becoming the central question, rest the hope that no French would remain in the shadows. Meanwhile, the "jackets" shine in the darkness, capture the light and look at each other fiercely. Only one of them is drawing a step to cross the ditch and all the others fear that the light will fade. Ingrid Levavasseur took it for granted: "I will take many distances, I will let your crowds swing and I will continue my work that I love, I find my children, my friends and my family!"she wrote In short, temporarily or permanently, she believes it "It was better before." In front of the yellow jackets and their inclination for the permanent control of their peers. Will anyone, on the other side of the chasm, be able to throw bridges if necessary?

Genevieve Jurgensen


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