Illegal streaming: Telekom must close access to the most popular portal

34 worked on a principle similar to that of the other exchange portals, for example or the films, series and music albums contain links to (illegal) offers through which the e & # 39; user can view the content directly in the stream or as You can upload the download to your hard disk.

This is not legal, however, as sites like Goldesel only provide redirects to illegal sites, there have been discussions for years about whether the barter portals are clearly in violation of the law and therefore completely withdrawn from circulation.

Especially due to the pressures of the film and music industry, Internet service providers like Vodafone have had to do it in the past DNSActivate the block for exchange portals: customers who have browsed the Vodafone network have already been denied access to and in the past, based on the ruling of the Munich district court in February 2018. This said that "users who spread films illegally act illegally". However, this verdict does not say anything about downloading music.

Now probably also the Telekom has to present a similar DNS barrier soon: after several phonogram producers have apparently filed a complaint, the Munich regional court decided last week that Telekom's customers would enter the Goldesel exchange in future should be blocked.


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