Entertainment Ilse DeLange conquers Germany -.: Maxazine:.

Ilse DeLange conquers Germany -.: Maxazine:.

Yesterday evening millions of German television viewers watched the popular TV show “Sing Meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert”. In this episode the songs of Ilse DeLange were central. In addition to artists such as Michael Patrick Kelly, MoTrip, Nico Santos, LEA, Jan Plewka and Max Giesinger, the singer can be seen weekly in the program which is the German equivalent of “Best Singers”.

Immediately after the broadcast, the new Ilse DeLange album, “Changes”, reached number 1 in the German charts. Not only her most recent album went unnoticed, now there are no less than 6 albums of the singer in the German Top 20 of iTunes. The iTunes single Top 10 also lists 6 singles by the singer.

The rapper MoTrip is number 1 in the single charts with his adaptation of the hit single “Miracle”. MoTrip impressed both the artists in the program and the viewers at home with his performance. Ilse DeLange also announced her tour in Germany yesterday, from February 24, 2021 she will play shows in Berlin and Hamburg, among others.


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