“I’m ashamed”: Dany Boon reveals a strange habit he has developed in the face of covid-19

French actor and director Dany Boon is at the helm of a new film, “8 rue de l’Humanité”, which will be released on Netflix this October 20. Containment will be the central theme, featuring neighbors trying to cope. For his character, the actor was inspired by his own experience …

Containment and the arrival of covid in our lives, everyone has experienced it in their own way. Between fear, anger, or refusal to believe in it, some have developed habits that are surprising to say the least. And Dany Boon chose this theme for his new film “8 rue de l’Humanité “, which will be uploaded to Netflix on October 20.

Throughout the film, residents of a building try to cope with confinement and “survive” the confinement caused by the health crisis. And for his role, but also the entire scenario, the French actor and director was inspired by reality and his own experience in the face of confinement. In the casting, his partner Laurence Arné, but also François Damiens or Yvan Attal, to name a few.

Dany Boon therefore embodies a rather hypochondriac neighbor with annoying habits. But the funniest thing in all of this is that these manias are directly inspired by his own life, as he reveals on TF1 in the show “Sept à Huit”: “As the temperature factor was very important, I took everyone’s temperature. I had a gun, a thermometer … I had to change the battery every three days. I do it in the movie but it’s compared to what I did in life. I was taking everyone’s temperature all the time. After a while it annoyed my relatives, so I removed the little beep … I managed to find it in the menu. Suddenly, I took at night, when people were sleeping. It’s also true, it’s horrible. I am ashamed !“, he revealed.

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In addition to this strange mania, Dany Boon developed other fleeting follies linked to the multiple fears that the covid evoked in him. Thus, the actor has already washed his face with hydroalcoholic gel, he reveals. But that’s not all: Dany Boon also let his groceries sit for days near the front door, thinking the virus would escape. Strange gestures which did not however prevent him from contracting the coronavirus …

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