‘I’m doing it to stay alive for my whole family’: 9-year-old Lilou’s incredible courage as she battles leukemia

In “Les petits patients”, Julie Denayer invites you to dive into the daily life of sick children at the MontLegia hospital in Liège. For more than six months, she and her team followed several patients. Among them, the little Lilou, 9 years old, fighting against leukemia.

For 9-year-old Lilou, it’s a moment she’s been looking forward to: going home and reuniting with her family a few days before her next treatment for leukemia. Faced with Julie Denayer, the little girl explains her not always simple daily life, she who multiplies the different treatments. “I’m still tired because it knocks out the chemotherapy a lot“, says Lilou when talking about her days.

Fortunately, she is allowed to go out at certain times so that she can go home for a few days. Only, once back in his room, in isolation, daily life becomes more difficult. “It’s very hard because I’m cut off from the outside. I always have to be in the same room. And for me it’s hard because my dad and my mom always have a mask and a blue apron“, she testifies.

Faced with adversity, Lilou shows unfailing courage and intends to fight until the end. “After the first chemo, I said to myself: ‘I’m not going to continue because it’s too much’. Afterwards, I said to myself that I had to continue to fulfill my dreams and to stay alive for my whole family. (…) I did it to live my life“.

Once her fight is over, the little girl has only one dream: “Go to a riding school, gallop and work with horses“.

Until then, she will be able to count on a major support: her mother. “She tells me that she loves me very much and that she will always be there for me“, explains Lilou.

A great life lesson.

Your show “Les petits patients” is to be found on RTL TVI this Friday evening from 7:50 p.m.

The little patients
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