“I’m dying to see you”… Lim Ji-yeon, Yeon-jin in prison uniform revealed

Lim Ji-yeon’s prison uniform

Actress Lim Ji-yeon revealed a picture of herself in a prison uniform.

On the 19th, Lim Ji-yeon posted a picture of herself wearing a prison uniform while filming the Netflix drama ‘The Glory’ along with the phrase “Establish military discipline” on her personal account. Lim Ji-yeon’s mischievous appearance with an expressionless expression while wearing only one side of her skirt and raising her waist attracted attention.

Netizens commented, “Is Yeonjin’s personal color a prison uniform?” “Yeonjin, how is the weather today?” He left a comment parodying the lines of ‘Park Yeon-jin’, the role of Lim Ji-yeon in the play, saying, “I’m dying to see Yeon-jin in a prison uniform.”

Meanwhile, Lim Ji-yeon made her name known by playing the role of the female lead ‘Jong Ga-heun’ in the movie ‘Human Addiction’. She has since appeared in the films ‘The Treacherous’, ‘Tazza: One Eyed Jack’, the dramas ‘High Society’, ‘Daebak’ and ‘Blow Up the Breeze’. Recently, she has received favorable reviews for renewing her life character through her role as ‘Park Yeon-jin’, a perpetrator of school violence, in Kim Eun-sook’s ‘The Glory’.

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