“I’m just coming out of 6 months of illness”

Hapsatou Sy is still up against Eric Zemmour! The host accuses the polemicist today of being responsible for his discomfort … We tell you everything here.

Remember, in September 2018, Eric Zemmour and Hapsatou Sy crashed violently on the set of Sunday earthlings on C8. The reason for their argument? Well, the polemicist had swung to the columnist that his first name was an insult to France! Shocked by the comments made by Eric Zemmour, Hapsatou Sy did not hesitate to defend herself and even went to court.

Indeed, after this hanging on the screen, the former chronicler ofWe are not in bed was summoned by a judge and indicted for racial insult. Most Obviously, the consequences on the mental health of Hapsatou Sy are still present today... And for good reason, the wife of Vincent Cerutti has received an anthology of racist insults on social networks.

Hapsatou Sy accuses Eric Zemmour of being partly at the origin of his discomfort

Hapsatou Sy even took a radical decision recently! She decided to leave the group Canal + that she accuses of supporting the polemicist. Indeed, the young mother officiated for several years on the channel Canal + of Africa and seemed to like it. But then, facing the platform offered to Eric Zemmour by the channel, Hapsatou Sy no longer felt in agreement with his bosses.

It must be said that Vincent Cerutti’s wife suffered greatly from this whole situation. On her Instagram account, the host shared her discomfort with her community. Hapsatou Sy thus accuses the polemicist of ” bullying “. Indeed, the latter recently released a book. In the latter, according to her, he continues to attack “his identity” and “his name”. There is no doubt for the young woman that Eric Zemmour is largely at the origin of the disease which has affected her for 6 months now:

Eric Zemmour continues to harass me. In his book, which I don’t want to read but whose pages about me have been sent to me, he continues to attack my identity and my name, but also my background and my history.

And this one to add:

This harassment has been going on since 2018. To all the political class who were outraged when this man was pursued in the street, I hear your silence. The assault of a racist polemicist hungry for violence affects you more than repeated assaults with much more serious consequences against a young woman. I have just come out of six months of illness, touched by what I thought was stinking but painless.

Victim of racist insults

Shocked by the violence of some Internet users towards her, Hapsatou Sy did not hesitate to reveal all the racist messages she receives. One way, for the host, to make the public realize the hatred that minorities can be subjected to on social networks.

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