“I’m marrying a cat in a bag,” – Elīna Didrihsone openly talks about weddings and the joys of bed

“He was a really big candy, sweet boy. At first I thought he was not suitable for me as a country girl, because he is from Riga, although he comes from Ventspils. It took a while and he wrote me draugiem.lv. We started correspondence, but he chuckled at me – he writes and disappears. I thought everything, hi, but the last time he wrote to me, we really met. I will be honest – already on the first date we immediately realized that it will be for a long time. It was a golden moment when I realized that I had met this man at a stage in my life when I was ready for a relationship as a woman. It was like that, he saw my wife in the first half of the year, and we got engaged, “says Didrihsone.

They agreed not to sleep together or even sleep until the wedding. It only gave the man even more excitement: “He got to know me very clearly and cleanly and without sleeping together. The joys of bed dull the mind and he only sees a sexual being. We were able to look at each other clearly for a year and understand if we really want one. marry each other. “

Elīna continued: “I had prayed for my marriage and I really wanted everything to be right. I thought to myself – do I want this blessing in my family or is something else connected to this person? Because sex doesn’t end with everything. I’ll be honest – knowing our work schedule and relationships, sex is just like a plus in a relationship, but not what makes up a relationship. “

The celebrity admitted that she married a “cat in a bag” and had not seen her fiancé naked before the wedding. The two did not see a month before the wedding and then met at church: “I’ll be honest – it was the best decision. I saw him for the first time in church and he shed tears over his cheeks. It was so blessed. The joys of bed will be there all my life . “

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