I'm not an "employee" of Al Ahly .. The attack is illogical .. I will determine my destiny "myself" – Yalla Koura


Sabri Rahil, Al-Ahli club's left-back defender, confirmed that his chances of participating in the team during the coming period have become very difficult in light of the club's deal with Mahmoud Waheed of the Egyptian clearing player, as well as Ali Maaloul and Ayman Ashraf.

In the past period, there have been reports of a departure in mutual agreements, but the player has emphasized that he will choose his own destiny and will not be forced to do anything, emphasizing at the same time that the attack does not make sense to him.

The "Yalla Kora" conducted a dialogue with Sabri Rahil and her response was as follows:

– I was not told to leave Ahli in January, and in general my contract ends at the end of next season and I continue with the red team until now, I recently asked one of the team's officials the truth about what was reported on my departure and I do not care, and there may be news in the scheduled meeting. It should be held by Mahmoud Khatib, the club president in a few days with the ball industry officials to discuss the team's future.

– If I do not need Ahli in the next period I will choose and determine my neighbor and I will not enter any club to choose anyone and I will be forced to do anything.
– I have not received any offer from the clearing to my conscience, I hope to experience external professionalism starting in January, I think that my participation in Ahli in games during the next period is no more and more than now, especially after the Red Club he contracted with Mahmoud Wahid on the left side of the lease, in the presence of the duo Ali Maaloul and Ayman Ashraf.

"I'm not an employee, as some think: every coach I dealt with Al Ahly asked him to give me the opportunity to participate in the games, but I'm not forced to make a crisis because it is normal to respect the vision of the technical bodies .

– Every season I asked to leave Ahli, even on loan, in order to participate only, but the club has kept to my continuation due to the need of the team for my efforts.

– Cartier is the last foreign coach to lead Al Ahly, who praised my skills and my level during the retreat in Croatia last July, but in the end he relied mainly and continuously on the Tunisian Maaloul.

– If Al Ahli has refused my return in January, I will respect that desire, play for a great club and not in a youth center and the priority will be for Ahli in all.
– Some rules my level without any logic, I have not had enough opportunities to participate in the games and unlike some of my colleagues, and of course affect my performance due to the sensitivity of the games.

– If Al Ahly wins all his championships, the points difference with the leaders will be very low: the championship is still in the field and is not lost and we will put pressure on all the competitors.

– The championship is a long-term championship, and the character of Al Ahly is different from any other club and will lead him to keep the title. In Idina everything is possible, I believe confidence has returned to the players after winning the games respectively of Petrojet and El Gouna.

– The loss of the African championship and then the exit of the Zayed Cup left a negative impact on all the players and then they increased the negative impact on the loss of the contractor's match, but now things have improved well and I hope the success of our ally in the coming clashes.

– Al Ahli's senior players feel the weight of their responsibilities in the difficult phase of the current, Hossam Ashour and Akrami and Walid Suleiman and Ahmed Fathi always speak with their colleagues, especially the young and stress the need to correct things every time. go back to the victories.

– Al Ahly fans always criticize and blame the big players, which always makes them talk to the rest of their colleagues and inflames their enthusiasm and works to remove the despair and lack of trust from their souls.

– Is it reasonable that some will bring me the loss of the last African championship, even if I did not participate? Certainly there is a serious prejudice against me personally and irrationally and I have no excuses.



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