"I'm not so stupid": Prince Charles wants to keep like a king


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"I'm not so stupid": Prince Charles wants to keep like a king

Prince Charles is the chosen heir to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II and has now publicly commented on how he wants to interpret the role of the king. Live news.

Prince Charles in Ghana


Prince Charles in Ghana

Tall enough: the resignation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has increased stocks of marijuana. Sessions, who leaves his post at the request of US President Donald Trump, is considered one of the main critics of the ongoing legalization of cannabis and has been listed on the stock exchange as a serious risk to the marijuana industry in North America . The sessions had already clarified in 2015 what he thinks of smoking: "Good people do not smoke marijuana," he said in a Congressional hearing. The departure of Trump's politician and legal outlaw for investors looking for a steady boom in the burgeoning legal cannabis market was just as enjoyable. Heavyweight stocks in the marijuana industry such as Tilray, Canopy Growth or Aurora Cannabis rose sharply after Sessions resigned. Tilray's documents also went on Wednesday with an increase of over 30% from US trade. Previously, the legalization of marijuana in other states of the United States, decided the day before, had already started the courses. While the drug is authorized as a stimulant in Michigan, Missouri and Utah have agreed to grant it for medical use. 11/8/18 5:25 AM 11/8/18 5:20 Dear readers of Stuttgart, you can breathe again: the second particle alarm of the season ended in your city without exceeding the EU limit value for the particulate gone. According to preliminary data from the State Environmental Institute of Baden-Württemberg (LUBW), on Wednesday the concentration of fine particles in the particularly polluted Neckartor in the city center dropped to 37 micrograms per cubic meter of air in the daily average. Tuesday, the value was still at 50 micrograms, which is exactly the value for particulate matter, which is still permitted by EU law. Also on the other days of alarm before air pollution was under this brand. The second particle alarm had started Saturday night and ended that night. 11/8/18 17:18 A less euphoric investor of marijuana is US presenter Stephen Colbert. 11/8/18 5:16 AM The flexible display is "the basis for the smartphone for tomorrow", says manager Samsung Justin Denison. And of course the topic is also for the "morning": 11/8/18 5:14 AM The Internet is nesting in our shopping centers: Amazon is also trying to showcase the real world in the upcoming Christmas affairs. A pop-up shop on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm will present gift ideas for five days. The special feature: items can be ordered directly by scanning QR codes in the Amazon app. With the store area from 22nd to 27th November, the online group can realize stationary stores even with a proven routine competition: Santa Claus accepts lists of children's wishes. Amazon talks about over 500 of her gift ideas from categories such as toys, cosmetics, electronics or household items. 11/8/18 5:08 AM Office of the Chancellor in Berlin, 4:50 am 11/8/18 5:00 Hello, dear readers! After yesterday's state of emergency in the US Congress elections, we return today to the "morning routine" – but that does not mean it's sad, on the contrary. I look forward to the next three hours and can be reached as usual on marius.mestermann@spiegel.de or via Twitter. Here we go! Show more Tickeroo Liveblog Software


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