“I’m not talking to these people”: very moved, Louane shows her support for Anna Biolay, mocked in Cannes

Social networks were fierce, a few days ago, after the rise of the Cannes steps of Anna Biolay, daughter of Benjamin and Chiara Mastroianni. insulted because “daughter of” playing in the cinema and mocked for her physique, the young woman was taken down by malicious Internet users, but fortunately largely supported by colleagues and sisters.

This is the case of Louane, who showed her unfailing support for Anna Biolay during an interview for a special edition of Marie-Claire magazine in Cannes. “Wow! I don’t talk to people who are still able in 2023 to talk about anything that can wait for women, I don’t talk to them, I don’t even look at them”she lets go, her throat tight and visibly very affected by Anna’s situation. “I pass over and I hope she passes over and I send her so much love. Really”she continues before concluding. “I adore this girl and she knows I adore her.”

Louane herself was mocked for her weight gain after her pregnancy and was sensitive to these criticisms. She has made it a strength today and has become a fashion muse, very interested in the trend and followed for her beauty advice. She is now a model for many young girls judged and badly in their skin.

Anna Biolay

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2023-05-24 09:30:00

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