“I’m tired of hitting the cannonballs”: Clémence is furious to find herself in pairs with Esteban in Koh-Lanta

This Tuesday evening, the fates of the last eight adventurers of Koh-Lanta were linked. After a draw, they discovered with which of their comrade to form a pair and rub shoulders with the different tests. Quentin is happy to meet up with Laura. “It matches well”, says the adventurer. For their part, Nicolas and Julie also seem satisfied with their common destiny.

But when the teams are formed, there are two rooms, two atmospheres. Frédéric does not hide his disappointment when he learns that his destiny is linked to that of Tania. “To be honest, Tania is not my first choice at all.”, he says. And for Clémence, who finds herself in pairs with Esteban, it’s a disaster. “On quite a few tests, he (Esteban, Ed.) is often placed in the last so that does not reassure me”, launches the adventurer in front of her partner who promises to recover.

But, as soon as the tasting test, at the end of which the winning pair can enjoy two good meals, a comfortable night and a good shower, Esteban gives him a false good. While the other adventurers do violence to each other by swallowing the eyes of fish, scorpions or worms, Esteban blocks. “It didn’t pass”, he justifies himself after the victory of Quentin and Laura.

”I want to go to the beach and scream loudly”

Again deprived of comfort, Clémence gets carried away in front of Frédéric and Tania. “Linked fates are shit. I know I’m screwed already being with Esteban. I want to go to the beach and scream loud. I feel like I have a knot in my throat“, she said, furious. “I’m tired of hitting my balls every time.

According to her, Esteban is “unable to transcend” : “In trials, whether physical, logical or mental, there is emptiness. There is nothing. What do I do with this? […] I’m going to get out because once again fate is not with me”, continues the fiber optic splicer before yelling at the camp.

For his part, Esteban sees his partner as a “positive and outgoing girl”. He promises to surpass himself during the immunity test. But, once again, the pair missed out on victory and found themselves in the hot seat for the board. Winners of the event, Frédéric and Tania are relieved and smile again on a camp. The adventurer even takes malicious pleasure in playing his strategist side before the council. Who will be eliminated by their comrades and drag their partner down? At this point, nothing is clear.

At the council, Nicolas and Julie take advantage of the strategic weapon of the double vote found a few hours earlier. With six votes against him, Esteban is eliminated and leads Clémence to whom fate is linked. Before leaving the adventure, the young woman declares to feel clearly “betrayed”, in particular by Frédéric who retorts having effectively “played the game of betrayal”.

But when they thought they were definitely eliminated from Koh-Lanta: The Sacred FireClémence and Esteban find themselves with astonishment in front of a sign indicating “Turn around to take control of your destiny.In next week’s footage, the two adventurers appear to be dueling. Whoever wins the face-to-face may be offered a second chance a few days before the end of the adventure.

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