"I'm very sorry": Lizbeth Rodríguez leaves Badabun?


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Lizbeth Rodríguez continues to expose the infidels through YouTube in Badabun; however, after leaving a special for Valentine's day, the popular host of the program could take a drastically decision on its continuity in controversial channel, since he met a harsh reality when he discovered an unfaithful couple.

After deciding to leave on February 14th to discover the unfaithfulness of the couples, Lizbeth Rodríguez surprised two lovers who posed for the official photos of their day. marriage. As always, the popular & # 39;Badabun girl"He approached the young and offered him 500 pesos each to see them again mobile phone.

Lizbeth He chose to start with the girl, discovering that he has maintained private conversations with his homosexual friend, but there were no signs of a alleged infidelity; however, the story was very different when it was examined mobile of the promised, which since the beginning was nervous, relates the means The Republic

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After examining the messages and social networks of her future husband, the "Badabun Girl" met a harsh reality when she discovered that she was betraying her pair with their cousin, since they would hold sexual encounters as was read in the messages that both were sent, causing a strong struggle between the two women and the definitive rupture of the pair just before yours marriage.

Lizbeth Rodríguez, after noticing what had happened, was very impressed by the case, since he saw how the bride he was leaving the place in tears from the betrayal, so he decided to apologize with his followers through the YouTube channel; however, it ended up with some words that have generated concern among their fans.

"I feel very bad, it hurts to have caused that pain to her, I regret it very much, I am very worried, I do not want them to do anything madness, I will try not to be so imprudent, "said the model, which at the end of video He accepted that everything ended fatal. "I'm sorry, I accept the sense of guilt, if you think it's past, I'm willing to put an end to this", condemned the figure of Badabun.

Lizbeth Rodríguez left her partner for Valentine's Day

The actress Lizbeth Rodríguez shared her account Instagram the following description next to a romantic photo where it appears next to the communicator Betancourt table, who is the official off-screen voice of the YouTube channel, Badabun, the most popular in recent years. "Hold me to your heart and do not let me go, Tavo Betancourt, friends, what should I do this February 14th? Expose the infidels or spend all day near the lord of the puppies."

The & # 39; Badabun Girl & # 39; has allowed his followers on Instagram to choose what to do on this Valentine's day. The decision they took for her was to go out on the streets of Mexico on February 14th to denounce the infidels. According to users, the actress I would have preferred to register cases of infidelity for your program YouTube instead of celebrating this date next to his companion Tavo Betancourt.



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