Images! ISIS terrorists commit suicide attack at Kabul Airport. Update: 40 dead, 120 injured

It is unbelievable but it all went wrong at Kabul Airport where terrorists from ISIS have committed a suicide attack. At least 11 people were injured or killed, including three American soldiers. Thanks to Joe Biden and his ridiculously quick retreat. UPDATE: US media now reports that at least 40 people have been killed and 120 people injured in the attacks. Horrible!

Today it all went wrong at Kabul Airport. There have been two major explosions. At least 11 people were injured or even killed in the second explosion. Of the eleven were 3 members of the United States Armed Forces.


British Intelligence place that it is likely Islamic State in the Khorasan” that is “responsible for the two explosions.” So that’s just ISIS, the terrorist organization that had just been defeated in Syria and Iraq. Apparently, that extremist group has now not only gained a foothold in Afghanistan, but they are not at all afraid of the Western troops that are still there.

A few days ago America already warned that this branch of ISIS was preparing to carry out attacks at Kabul Airport. So she hasn’t managed to do that alone – which is bad enough. No, what makes this all worse is image that arises: from Western troops running away with the state between their legs. Afraid of the ‘danger’ of the extremists.

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Criticism of Biden

It will therefore come as no surprise that Criticism of US President Joe Biden not tender. For example, an active member of the United States Armed Forces says he abandoned his own soldiers:

Americans are also being reminded that just a few days ago, Biden said that any attack on American troops could count on a harsh response.

So none of that turns out to be true. America goes off like a battle-weary boxer. It’s actually sad to see. ISIS and the Taliban do as they please while America begs for mercy.

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What a let down.


US media now reports that at least 40 people have been killed. In addition, 120 people were injured in the attacks.

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