Imam S Arifin’s daughter not only stole a motorbike but also tested positive for drugs, police hunt for dealers

RDA, daughter of the late dangdut singer Imam S Arifin, was arrested in connection with the theft of dozens of motorbikes. (Source: Tribunnews)

Writer : Dian Nita | Editor : Desy Afrianti

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The son of the late legendary dancer Imam S Arifin, Resti Destami Arifin (RDA) is suspected of not only stealing dozens of motorbikes but also testing positive for drugs.

This was revealed by the Head of the Taman Sari Metro Police AKBP Rohman Yonky Dilatha.

Based on the results of Resti Destami’s urine check, the police found methamphetamine or shabu.

However, AKBP Rohman said that when Resti was arrested the police did not find any evidence of drugs.

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“Nothing, only the urine results are positive,” said Rohman at the Taman Sari Metro Police Headquarters, West Jakarta, Thursday (29/9/2022), quoted from Tribunnews.

Rohman said that now his party will trace the origin of the drugs consumed by Imam S Arifin’s son.

“Of course we will not stop here. We have ordered the head of the crime department to trace where the goods he used came from. The methamphetamine,” he said.

Rohman also suspects that Resti’s motive for stealing dozens of motorbikes is to buy drugs.

It was previously reported that the Taman Sari Metro Police had arrested Resti along with two intermediaries with the initials AA and H.

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Rohman said that Resti had 17 motorcycle embezzlement complaints.

The method, continued Rohman, is that Resti allegedly borrowed the victim’s motorbike but did not return it.

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“Our suspect applies Article 372 and/or Article 378 of the Criminal Code. Meanwhile, we apply Article 480 of the Criminal Code for arrestees,” said Rohman.

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