Imelda Marcos disqualified from holding office after corruption conviction


The former first lady of the Philippines, who has been found to be the first to be in office.

Imelda Marcos, 89, is facing a jail sentence. In the United Kingdom between the United Kingdom and 1968. The charges, the result of a court case that has been running for two decades.

The arrest of Marcos, who was not present at the trial, was ordered immediately after the verdict was read out at. However, she will be allowed to remain free on bail while she appeals the conviction.

The conviction will also be from the current position in the House of Representatives.

In the 21 years that President Ferdinand Marcos was in power, he became infamous for amassing billions of dollars. Imelda Marcos in particular

She was the first to be the minister of human settlements from 1976 to 1986 and governor of Manila from 1978 to 1984.

The family fled to Hawaii in 1986 when the army and the Philippine people turned against the president in a bloodless popular revolt. After they left, Marcos' collection of 1,100 shoes was put on display in the presidential palace to show people the extent of the riches she had accumulated while in office.

The first first lady has faced corruption charges. She was born in 1991 but she was born in Honolulu but in 1993, she was convicted on two years. After an appeal the convictions were eventually quashed in the Supreme Court in 1998.

She was bailed and stayed out of jail.

The Marcos dynasty still has huge political power and influence in the Philippines. Imelda's son Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr narrowly lost the vice-presidential election in 2016, a result he is currently challenging, and many as him as the natural successor to President Duterte.



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