Immigrant clandestine cleans Trump


A clandestine immigrant woman worked for five years in the Donald Trump's Bedminster Golf Club, where she did several housework during her regular stays, she told The New York Times.

Of Guatemalan origin, Victorina Morales herself sought the newspaper, for which she agreed to openly testify, in an article published Thursday.

Mrs. Morales, who earns $ 13 an hour, has already cleaned several times in the villa owned by Donald Trump in the residence.

With another woman, Sandra Diaz, who was not documented while working in Bedminster, New Jersey, in the same group, Ms. Morales states that many other golfers were in the United States in an irregular situation. .

Arriving illegal in the United States in 1999, Victorina Morales entered the service of the residence, which includes a golf course, after presenting false documents.

During her job interview, she said she told her future supervisor that her documents were fake, a confession that did not prevent her from getting a job.

The forty-five-year-old housekeeper said she wanted to tell her story in response to Donald Trump's harsh words about migrants, especially those from Latin America, but also racist jokes from a superior.

"We're tired of abuse, insults, the way he talks about us because he knows we're helping him make money," Morales told the New York Times. "We do our best to satisfy all these needs and we must endure that it humiliates us".

The housekeeper expressed a general point of view about Donald Trump, but said that he was treated with respect from the former property developer, whom he described as demanding but polite and likely to give generous suggestions.

"We have tens of thousands of employees in our institutions and we have very strict recruitment methods," a spokesperson for the Trump Organization, the holding company of Donald Trump, told AFP.

"If an employee has produced false documents to circumvent the law," he added, "he will be immediately fired."

Mrs. Morales explained that she expected to lose her job as soon as the article was published.


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