The immigrants are going to be covered by the moratorium, to the credit of the State. The moratorium, a private, led by the APB, they were covered in it, but now it is in the public service.The moratorium the bank will have to be extended, as it was known, until march 31, 2021, with the Government having expanded eligibility factors that are related to the loss of income that allow you to reach out to a larger number of people with temporary restrictions on liquidity”.

Thus, in addition to adding workers to the Government, are included in a moratorium on public housing loans and also consumer credit for education expenses, not health care, said the prime minister, at the conference, which took place following the council of ministers, which approved the The program the Stabilization of the Economic and Social (PEES).

According to the law published in the official Gazette, “the review will also include a mechanism for the inclusion of individuals who have benefited from the moratorium on private and that the effect of the changes, you may be eligible for membership of the moratorium to the public.

There is an approach to the moratorium on public and private sector.

The banks have received nearly 570 million requests for a moratorium, until the end of April, with 90% of these requests have already been approved, according to data from the Bank of Portugal.

The use of the two moratoria:


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