Immigration: the EU registers significantly more migrants from Turkey

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The EU significantly records more migrants from Turkey

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The EU-Turkey agreement does not work as it should

In 2018, fewer refugees arrived in Germany than planned. The upper limit for refugees was exceeded in 2018. The agreement often bragged with Turkey does not work at a crucial point.

The number of migrants from Turkey has increased by more than 20 percent in the last year, despite the agreement of the EU. This is clear from an internal report from the Brussels Commission. The Greek authorities are facing huge problems.

IMany more migrants from Turkey arrived in the European Union last year. "The total number of arrivals from Turkey in 2018 was 50,789", according to a new report by the European Commission, WELT AM SONNTAG. In comparison, the number in the previous year was 41,720. Overall, this is "an increase of 22% compared to 2017", notes the confidential report from Brussels. The migrants were mainly Turks, Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans.

According to the report, 47.939 people fled Turkey from Greece, including 15,798 per land. Other countries of arrival were Italy (2383), Bulgaria (349) and Cyprus (118).

In an agreement with the European Union, Turkey had pledged to protect the country's borders from 18 March 2016 so that the minimum number of possible migrants would be able to come to Europe illegally. The agreement states in paragraph three: "Turkey will take all necessary measures to prevent new sea or land routes for illegal immigration from Turkey to the EU."

In return, the Ankara government has promised European payments of up to six billion euros – mainly to provide the Turkish population with some 3.6 million people seeking protection in the country. About three billion euros have so far been paid.

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refugee card

According to internal estimates of the European Migrant Trafficking Center (EMF) at the European Police Authority Europol in Hague, the European Commission report states that "90% of migrants arriving in ; EU travel while they are visited by criminal organizations have been supported ". Trafficking in human beings is now the third largest international criminal activity.

The ever-growing flight from Turkey to Greece means that reception centers in the Greek islands are hopelessly overcrowded. There are currently 14,600 people living there – the capacity is designed for only 7,000 people. In total, more than 32,000 migrants arrived in the islands in 2018. In order for shelters to cope with the assault, an increasing number of migrants are brought to the mainland. They are classified as "vulnerable", they are considered in danger and therefore particularly vulnerable.

According to observers, however, this status is granted by the Greek authorities under the pressure of relatively generous circumstances. This substantially violates the EU-Turkey agreement, mainly because the status increases the chances for refugees to move to Germany or Austria.

Furthermore, the very low number of only 1,800 refugee returns from Greece to Turkey since April 2016 is not in line with the spirit of the agreement. The judges and the Greek authorities are largely responsible for hesitating returns.

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Two buses stop on a Saturday country road in Andalusia. The drivers await the darkness, then collect the migrants

Immigration is again manageable

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The Federal Minister of Internal Affairs Horst Seehofer presents the asylum numbers for 2018. Here it becomes clear that the applications were met with around 185,000 and decreased by 16% compared to the previous year.

Source: WORLD / Matthias Heinrich



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