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You haven’t had anything in a long time “Impeachment”, the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump? That is changing today. The democratic spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi This Wednesday, the indictment, which was already written in December, will be sent to the senate give. This will formally start the procedure next Tuesday.

Be the US president abuse of office and Disability of the parliament accused. However, Trumps Republicans control the Senate with 53 to 47 seats, the majority applause is polarizing president for sure. Neither did Pelosi’s plan succeed, due to a reluctance to charge the Republican leader Mitch McConnell To make concessions in the selection of witnesses. The procedure could end up as “Make Trump Great Again”.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants to invest a trillion euros in climate protection.

(Photo: AFP)

Ursula von der Leyen carry on where Jean-Claude Juncker has stopped. The old EU Commission President also announced one big investment plan with money that was either already slumbering somewhere in the EU budget or that he did not have at all. For the German successor, the whole thing is almost the same as for Franklin D. Roosevelt “Green Deal” is, of course, a trillion euro and contains only one homeopathic dose fresh money (7.5 billion), the arrival of which is not even certain.

Together with other member states, Germany is opposing new funding for climate change targets to grant as we set out in our cover story. France is fighting a lonely fight so that at least the European Investment Bank gets more capital. It looks like the new one is waving Star saleswoman from Brussels with a large bad check.

Today is Wednesday DGB chief Reiner Hoffmann as a guest in the house that Helmut Kohl once called “washing machine”. Together with the heads of the eight individual unions, he also discussed in the chancellery Angela MerkelHow the companies’ recently significantly luxe collective bargaining agreements could be strengthened again.

Ideas include “Collective agreements clauses” when awarding public contracts, as Hoffmann makes clear in the Handelsblatt interview – whoever is no longer in an association and does not accept any collective agreements is not served by the state with orders. Minister of Economy only Peter Altmaier (CDU) brake a little more, which might have to do with its department. The supervisory board offer from Siemens-Jupiter Joe Kaeser to climate activist Luisa Neubauer Incidentally, Hoffmann calls – understandably – a “bad PR gag”.

Obviously, it is easier to take a stand on globalization than to globules, With the Greens has party leader Robert Habeck Now the work of a commission has stopped, which the own attitude for the benefit of homeopathy should clarify. The unanimous conclusion was that “a trustful and successful work of this commission is not possible”, says the board decision.

A crowd of critics turns to the green with regard to scientific results sharply against that health insurance continue to finance homeopathy – which in turn outrages the Globuli faction. In the directional dispute interna been pierced on newspapers, and it was also by Commissioners blasphemed about the board: “Dear party members, here are the debates that you may have.”

It causes quite a stir Kenneth Roth, Head of the human rights organization “Human Rights Watch”. He is about to enter Hong Kong where he wanted to present the 2020 annual report. A civil society if there were no longer in China, critics would be wiped out, he now complains, and the People’s Republic is using its growing influence internationally: “Whether governments or companies – anyone who dares to criticize China risks from the chinese market to be excluded. And that’s about 16 percent of the global economy. ”

This number is also the reason why the United States and China a new one today trade Deal sign. Beijing is said to have agreed to purchase additional US $ 80 billion in industrial goods within two years. Of human rights was out of the question.

Not even the conservative australian prime minister more denies that there is a connection between global warming and the bushfires in the country. The newspapers and TV programs of the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch see it radically different. There, “alarmists” are scolded and activists like Greta Thunberg associated with “fairy tales”. The new German word of the year (“climate hysteria”) is standard vocabulary.

Murdoch’s liberal son James and his wife Kathryn have now strongly condemned this journalistic course and the ongoing negation of the climate context in a spectacular statement: It was “frustrating”. The retired junior, who works as an investor, is no longer on the board of directors of the family newspaper company News Corp. (“The Times”, “The Sun”, “The Australian”, “Wall Street Journal”). Nice Elias Canetti asked, “Why aren’t more people good in spite of defiance?”

Benedict XVI apparently shy away from confrontation with his successor Francis in the celibacy debate.

He wrote and delivered, Benedict XVI, a dedicated text about Catholic priests who definitely continue in the strict celibacy should live. But now the 92-year-old suddenly no longer wants to be a co-author of a book by Kurienkardinal Robert Sarah mentioned, picture and signature of the emeritus pontiff should disappear. He had the Co-authorship never agreed and don’t know the cover at all.

Benedikt obviously shies away from confrontation with his successor Francis, who is currently considering the marriage ban in the Amazon region – where there is a lack of clergy – to loosen for the first time. Sarah completely disagrees with Benedict’s statements, which is a violation of that eighth commandment suggests. The cardinal’s work is published today in France and is called “From the depths of our hearts” – where the blood pumps.

And then there’s the 18-year-old US singer Billie Eilishwhose new superstar status is now being cemented. She has the theme song for the new one James Bond film “No Time To Die” co-composed and sung as is now known: a sure guarantee for success in the hit parade and thus for sales. Eilish is that youngest musician in the Bond flicks and, as expected, speaks of a “huge honor”, it is still “in shock”.

In 2019 Eilish was with her debut work and the song “Bad Guy” Darling of the music scene went up, there were six Grammy nominations. at Apple was her oeuvre with one Billion streams the most successful album of the year. The outcome justifies here too – as with ovid – the accomplished.

I wish you a successful and innovative day. As always, greet you warmly

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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