Important recall action: food for children due to overdosage of recalled minerals –


This special food for children carries health risks

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the manufacturer Nestlé Health Science currently warn of child-friendly foods that may contain over-administered minerals. This could lead to negative effects on the child, according to Nestlé. It is the "Alfamino special food for children". Parents should not give their children products interested in consumption.

The "Nestlé Health Science" producer recalls the "Alfamino special nutrition for children" foodstuff. The affected products have the expiry date January 2020 and the batch code 80250346GA. "Consumers can see the defective product after its preparation on a gray-green appearance," writes Nestlé in consumer information on the company's website.

This special food for children, with expiry date January 2020 and lot code 80250346GA, should not be consumed. (Photo: Nestlé Health Science)

Special food for children with allergies

As reported by Nestlé, the product is a food supplement for severe cases of allergy to cow's milk proteins, food allergies or food intolerances. Anyone who has already purchased "Alfamino Special Nutrition for Children" with the best expiry date of January 2020 and the lot code 80250346GA can return it to each pharmacy and obtain a refund of the purchase price. According to the manufacturer, only the lot above is affected by the recall. Other milk-based products for children are in the usual quality.

Warning: there are risks to the health of the child

"A child who consumes a product from one of these few doses can get sick," writes Nestle. Nausea, vomiting and headache may occur. In such cases, a doctor should be urgently consulted and advised of the product consumed. (Vb)
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