Important Recognizing ADHD Symptoms in Children


JAKARTA – ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a disorder brain development which can result in one child difficult to focus, and has impulsive and hyperactive behavior. Unfortunately, people around children with ADHD do not realize that the child has a disorder, and judge them as naughty or lazy because they can’t concentrate and don’t want to be quiet.

Even though this attitude is some of the symptoms of ADHD disorder. Other symptoms of ADHD include difficulty concentrating or focusing attention, behaving impulsively and hyperactively, and being unable to stay still and always wanting to move. (Read Also: New Normal, Diabetes Patients Need Innovative and Individual Therapy)

In general, ADHD has a negative impact on performance child at school and also in his social life. Various characteristics of a person’s life child with ADHD in school that can be seen as low academic performance (eg math, reading), despite getting extra help or classes; talk very much; running around in class; have no friends; limited social life; has no hobbies or interest in recreational activities; and often quarrel with family members.

While personal characteristics of a child ADHD can be seen to be easily distracted; dislikes math questions, problem solving, and long reading; often interrupting teachers and classmates when talking; and have low self-confidence.

Pediatrician dr. Herbowo Agung F Soetomenggolo, Sp.A (K) said, both parents, families, teachers, and caregivers of children with ADHD need knowledge and guidance so they can help. child control the symptoms of ADHD and adopt a healthy lifestyle in children.

“Children with ADHD can not recover completely, but if diagnosed early then given care and appropriate therapy, then children with ADHD can adapt and carry out their activities, both in school and in everyday life normally, “said dr. Herbowo in a Webinar held by Johnson & Johnson Indonesia.

Meanwhile Devy Yheanne, Country Leader of Communications & Public Affairs at PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia said, the global corona virus pandemic causes a lot of uncertainty which can cause people to be more anxious, especially parents with children with certain conditions, such as ADHD.

“We are aware that these parents need more support, in terms of clear and correct information to help them look after their children during the pandemic,” said Devy.

Until now the cause of ADHD is not known with certainty, but according to several studies that have been conducted, a number ADHD case shows that some parts of the brain are smaller and metabolism in the brain has decreased in certain areas. In addition, they also lack some chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine or norepinephrine and serotonin.

Delay in brain maturation and dysfunction in certain brain circuits are also one of the main causes that can interfere with cognitive, attention, and executive functions. (Read Also: Study: Obesity Can Make Covid-19 Vaccines Ineffective)

Several other factors can improve the risk of someone having ADHD is genetic and environmental. Behavioral intervention along with pharmacotherapy are good therapies for ADHD. Meanwhile, behavioral interventions are carried out by correcting problem behaviors through training, which can be done to help improve daily and social functions.

Conversely, if a child with ADHD is not properly treated or treated, it can cause the child to suffer serious injuries as a child, possibly abuse drugs / alcohol or smoke, and more than once with the police as a teenager.


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