Improve the report of injuries of this bloody summer: Roca Rey reappeared successfully and Luque left the hospital

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Roca Rey reappeared this Wednesday successfully -three ears to a great run by Daniel Ruiz on a memorable afternoon for Fortes and also a triumph for Manzanares- and selling out tickets at La Malagueta after 10 days of hiatus in which he has lost five commitments. The goring, 18 centimeters in the calf, arrived in El Puerto de Santa María after several somersaults in Santander and Huelva.

Precisely in the Cádiz square, a wounded man fellor Daniel Luque who left the hospital yesterday to continue the preparation at his home in Seville. With good healing from the goring -abdomen and right leg- he is hopeful with the evolution of the fibula fracture of the left leg of which he underwent surgery to speed up recovery.

In Cenicientos one of the most extensive gorings took place of these days. Alejandro Conquero was caught by the Prieto de la Cal bull fought in third place. The bullfight had to be paralyzed due to the seriousness of the goring of the right-hander from Huelva who had to leave the Madrid town by helicopter. The goring interested the mesorectum as the python entered through the posterior perianal. Dr. Olmeda has informed EL MUNDO that he is doing well and that he will soon be transferred to the floor at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid after 48 hours of observation.

In Las Ventas, in the celebration of the Virgen de la Paloma, the banderillero Raúl Mateos was wounded with a bull horn wound with two 20-centimetre trajectories that reached the inside of the ankle and the back of the left tibia. After several tests, it has been confirmed that the goring does not affect the artery -in observation the contusion has been seen once the inflammation has been overcome-. The junior has been transferred to La Fraternidad to remain hospitalized.

The media Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ and Cayetano joined the black list of this harsh summer. Díaz fractured the second finger of his left hand and was gored without muscle injury, wait for himappear on Sunday August 27 in Arenas de San Pedro. The youngest of the Riveras fractured his right wrist with a marked displacement, which aggravated the injury. He immediately had surgery and, while it’s not official, he may have to cut the season off for good.

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