In 2022, DHF cases in Banjar City will double,- public health Office The City of Banjar, West Java, revealed that data on Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) cases in 2022 will increase from the previous year.

There are several factors that cause this to happen, one of which is the weather which affects the development of mosquitoes.

Head of the Banjar City Health Office Dr. Andi Bastian, through the Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Dr. Ika Rika said, based on data from January to November there were 109 cases of dengue attacking people and 3 people died.

“That’s right, this year there has been an increase in the number of dengue cases by about two times compared to 2021,” said Ika Rika to, Thursday (1/12/2022).

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In detail, Ika explained, in 2021 the number of dengue cases was 39 people and 1 person died.

According to him, besides the weather factor, the spread of the Covid-19 virus could also affect the number of dengue cases.

“It’s possible that if sick people are treated for Covid-19 and DHF maybe they can focus more on Covid. So whatever illness is prioritized,” he explained.

Ika continued, from the recorded data, three patients died from dengue infection at the age of children and adults.

“Of the three people who died from dengue this year, they were children and adults,” he explained.

Initial Symptoms of DHF

Ika explained, the initial symptoms felt by people infected with DHF would usually experience continuous fever.

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So that this must be watched out for and advised to immediately seek treatment and see a doctor for medical treatment.

“Usually the initial symptom that is felt is fever continuously. You have to be aware of this and seek medical attention immediately,” he said.

So far, Ika added, her party has provided socialization and counseling to the public so that they always maintain a clean environment and eradicate mosquito nests (PSN).

“We always provide understanding to residents that fogging is not the only way to get rid of mosquitoes because it only kills adult mosquitoes. When there is a larva it will grow to be big. So we need a movement to eradicate mosquito nests,” he said.

According to him, this must be done routinely and simultaneously with the aim that there are no mosquito larvae left.

“People are advised to keep their environment clean and do PSN every week so that all of the mosquito larvae die,” he concluded. (Sandi/R7/HR-Online/Editor-Ndu)

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