In 9 months, the price of wood has soared in Wallonia

It is one of the fuels whose price is very stable. However, the stere of wood did not resist the runaway fuel prices either. Between January and September, the average price per cubic meter increased by 41%, rising from €85 to €120.

A peak in summer

On the two graphs below, you can see that it was during the summer that the increase was the strongest… just like for the price of pellets.

Fear of fuel quality

The risk following this surge in prices is that wood stove owners are less careful about fuels, as Pierre-Louis Bombeck points out. “Using badly/not sufficiently dried logs in your wood stove means:

  • Reduce its efficiency (part of the heat is used to evaporate the residual water in the log) and therefore less heat transmitted to the room
  • Increase consumption
  • Increase polluting emissions which, with regard to wood heating, are largely due to poor wood heating: non-dry wood, outdated and/or poorly maintained appliance, etc. »

A series of practical information is also available on the website ” Fire Mastery “.

To avoid inadvertently using wet wood, Pierre-Louis Bombeck recommends buying a moisture meter (allow about twenty euros). “The humidity must be below 18%”. Another technique, if you don’t have this tool: slam two logs together. “If they sound hollow, the wood is quite dry. »

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