In a text message all the discomfort of Tria: «I can not take it anymore». Di Maio: «He is doing a great job» – Corriere della Sera


Renewed trust, a text of discomfort (then denied) and then confirms it: "The resignation is a hypothesis that does not exist". The story of the minister in the balance, Giovanni Tria, after the intentions of resignation and the summit on the maneuver without him, is enriched with a new chapter. A testimony of support, public, to the Minister of Economy comes from Vice Premier Luigi Di Maio. "I deny any rumor that is circulating on the will to make Minister Tria resign. Giovanni Tria is doing a great job. The winning team does not change and Tria must remain in the Ministry of Economy, "explains the political leader of the Cinquestelle at Radio24. «I saw that some newspapers attribute this will to the M5s, I categorically deny it», he insists.

It is today's news published by The newspaper which tells of a text message that Giovanni Tria would send to the Renato Brunetta, with whom he is bound by a long friendship. A message in which the minister would write: "I can not take it anymore. I am ambushed after another. " And again: «The last one was to send me before the parliamentary committee returning from the Ecofin. The only thing that interests me is to save the country. That is my light. Otherwise, if it were just for me, even now. " No direct reference to the resignation but a heavy admission of difficulties that he would encounter in dealing with the political leaders of the Gialloverde executive. The news is then denied by the same Tria in the morning: "There is no message". And again: «The resignation is a hypothesis that does not exist».

In his speech Di Maio manifests peace and trust, even towards Premier Conte: the meeting on Thursday evening, explains the vice premier, was "a political summit on the amendments" to the maneuver, which allowed to find an agreement on cutting gold pensions and on publishing funds. The negotiation with the EU is carrying on the Premier Conte with Juncker while Tria deals with Dombrovskis and Moscovici. "Full confidence in both of us," Di Maio reiterated, arguing that the premier is doing "an excellent work of mediation".

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