In addition to being delicious, this seasonal fruit is ideal for losing weight

As the sunny days set in and we start to project ourselves at the edge of the water in a bathing suit, many are those who would like to get back in shape. To do this, there are no secrets, it is often a question of sport and a more reasoned and balanced diet. On our plates, we make room for foods known for their benefits for the line and for health. This is particularly the case of a seasonal fruit that we will love to consume all spring to lose weight permanently. It is rhubarbwhich invites itself in both savory and sweet dishes to enhance them with its tangy and subtly sweet taste.

What makes it a slimming ally of choice is first of all its relatively low calorie intake. Count only 21 calories for 100g of rhubarb. As reported Cosmopolitanthis same portion will only bring you 1.5 grams of carbohydrates (sugar) et 0.28 grams of lipids (fat).

Rhubarb, a seasonal fruit good for health and for the line

Otherwise, this pretty pink-coloured fruit is full of good nutrients for the body : it is particularly rich in soluble and insoluble fibres, thus making it possible to increase the feeling of satiety and to limit cravings and cravings for snacking, to reduce the absorption of fats and to promote better intestinal transit. It also contains provitamin A and vitamin C, whose antioxidant properties help fight against free radicals. Rhubarb can therefore perfectly be considered as an anti-aging fruit.

The disadvantage of this fruit is that it is not eaten as is. You absolutely have to cook it. Be careful not to eat its leaves, which are not at all edible and can even be toxic. We therefore only recover the stems, which can be used to prepare compotes, pies or crumbles. As with all good things, moderation is key, too much rhubarb can do you more harm than good due to its laxative effect.

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