In an interview with the company Mir TV, Vladimir Putin made statements about the trade war between China and the United States, relations with the Ukraine and the situation in Moldova.


The economy, security and major international issues will be the main themes of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, which Kyrgyzstan receives this year. State leaders are already arriving in Bishkek. Russia will be represented by Vladimir Putin. Your ship should land in a few hours. Today, the president has scheduled bilateral meetings, the main events of the summit – tomorrow.

During his work, the SCO has become a serious and multifaceted organization, Vladimir Putin said this on the eve of an important international forum in an interview with the company Mir TV.

Vladimir Putin agreed to release this interview on the eve of his trip to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit. But the conversation took place in the wake of the economic forum. Too many true words heard by the president in St. Petersburg.

"Recently at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum you talked about the US trade war against the People's Republic of China. You then said that Russia is the most intelligent monkey that has climbed a tree and observes the clash of two tigers in the valley, what did you mean? "asked Radik Batyrshin, president of the Mir TV company.

"But you apparently did not pay attention to what I finished. I said:" We live in a difficult world, since these proverbs were born, the situation has changed. Of course, there is a dispute between the major economies of the world, and there are many specific issues related to the current work of the two states and, of course, there is no way in us to interfere in the negotiation process. But !!! And this is a very serious question. First, we have an unprecedented relationship with China, "said Vladimir Putin.

You cannot say, if you continue the metaphor of the American tiger. The Chinese leader has friendly relations with Putin and Trump, on the contrary, on the sidelines of various summits, he diligently avoids negotiations and full format meetings with our president.

"As for Russia, the current administration has made several dozen decisions related to sanctions. Under these conditions, our sympathies are on the side of our strategic partners and, above all, because any action related to the destruction of the ; architecture of existing economic relations is detrimental to all participants in economic activity, "noted Vladimir Putin.

We talked about another president, a meeting with who, perhaps, to be. At the economic forum, Putin called the new leader of the Ukraine, the former actor, a good specialist in his field. And in today's conversation he clarified it again: it's too early to talk about Zelensky as a politician.

"He is still starting to work, I know from my experience, it will take a long time to understand the tasks that arise. I hope that this adaptation to the new quality passes fairly quickly. As for our interaction with the Ukraine "It is inevitable that we will restore our relationship. It cannot be so between parts of the same people, between two fraternal peoples. The new leadership is deprived of such restrictions, it can act energetically, rely on trust and in the direction of restoring relations with the Russia, "said the President of Russia.

Similar to the Ukrainian scenario is now developing in Moldova. Local oligarchs, representatives of the Democratic Party, are trying to remove President Igor Dodon. Dodon favors the development of good relations with Europe, but his relations with Russia are still top priority.

"This is what President Dodon and his latest opponents have now done is a step towards building a modern civilized state. We will support both President Dodon and his coalition partners in the fight against these people, so to speak, so smart, who usurped power in Moldova, "said Vladimir Putin.

We talked about the upcoming summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The president noted: in less than 20 years, the fruit of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and other countries has become a serious and multi-faceted organization, and it all started with security, the SCO countries have reduced the number of forces armed along their common borders.

Today and tomorrow in Bishkek they will talk about how to simplify trade, about new approaches to the problems of Afghanistan and the joint participation in the Chinese Silk Road.



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